Robert MacGlaflin was born in Colorado and his family, mother Doris and father Robert moved to Texas when he was a year old.  He is a lifelong resident of the North Texas city of Dallas, Texas.

While growing up, his Catholic faith led him to be an Alter Boy and he helped in the teaching of religious classes in his youth.

He attended both Brookhaven and Richland Community Colleges in 1994 and 1995 and a Naval Prep School which broadened his opportunity for Officer Selection and Training.

After years of working up to three jobs at a time, he enlisted in the US Navy in 1995 and he was honored to serve as a Presidential Ceremonial Guard in 1996-98. He attended Officer Candidacy School in Rhode Island in 1998.

After being injured in the military, Robert went back to work in the landscape industry in project management, sales and business development. Through his work in this field he gained a true respect for the people who strap their boots on, get to work early and take care of their customers.